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The CRR is an association law 1901 which garanties it's judicial and financial independance. 

The CRR exercises its mission in complete independence from the CORREF, the congregations, and also the victims. The Commission is headed by Antoine Garapon, honorary magistrate and former member of the CIASE, who personally oversees its independence.

La CORREF a confié un mandat personnel à Antoine Garapon, avec la liberté de constituer la commission selon les critères de son choix, en toute indépendance. 

The CORREF gave a personnal mandate to Antoine Garapon, includind the liberty to created the commission accordng to the criterias of his choosing. 




The team is composed of :


¬ A president, Antoine Garapon.


¬ A general delegate, Anne de Richecour.


¬ A coordinating commissioner, Valentine Bück.


¬ Commissioners, who provide guarantees of independence for CORREF, religious institutions and victims. Once appointed, they undertake to report any risk of conflict of interest, bias or any other difficulty in the exercise of their mission to the president.

- A secretary, Noor Shihadeh


The commissioners

The mission of the commissioners is to listen to and accompany the victims in their process of recognition and reparation.

They are chosen by the president for their respective expertise and for their recognized professionalism in their fields of excellence : magistrates, lawyers, psychologists, psychiatrists, psychoanalysts, mediators, positions of responsibility in companies, etc.


The commissioners have a variety of profiles to try to reflect the diversity of French society. They also have proven qualities of listening, caring and support.

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