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What is our mission ? 


The Commission intends to receive and examine requests from any individual who is a victim of sexual violence (time-barred or not), committed by a religious person belonging to a canonical entity of France, member of the Conference of Religious Men and Women of France (CORREF) or adherent.


The person must have been a minor or an adult « in a situation of vulnerability » at the time of the events. For the Commission, the situation of vulnerability at the time of the events is broadly understood. It takes into account not only the age, illness, physical or mental impairment of the adult person concerned, but also their situation of vulnerability and dependence towards a religious person

The Commission has jurisdiction, whatever the nationality of the victim, for all alleged acts committed on national territory or abroad, by these religious men and women coming under an authority which is in France or which includes France in its territory.


hen the facts do not seem time-barred, or when the person accused is alive, the CRR recommends that the victim be accompanied by the counsel of their choice and, if it is a lawyer, to request if necessary legal aid. In addition, a complaint from the victim or a report to the public prosecutor is always possible. 

Restorative justice responds to a demand for justice that complements civil and criminal justice, it does not replace them. The CRR is inspired by restorative justice by putting the victim at the center of this approach to justice. The CRR is the « independent third party » between the victim and the religious congregation of the perpetrator.

Following the publication of the CIASE (Independent Commission on Sexual Abuse in the Church) report, the CORREF (Conference of Religious Men and Women of France) decided to create an independent commission for the recognition and reparation of alleged sexual violence committed by members of religious institutes.



Assuming therefore their full moral and institutional responsibility, the religious institutes wished to embark on the path of restorative justice. This is the mission of the CRR (Recognition and Reparation Commission) created in November 2021.

More than 600 victims already contacted us

Do you prefer us to contact you ? 


Because every history is different and unique, we take the time to listen to yours. 

We realize the gravity of the events that occured and of the consequences in your life. 

We believe your story 



We establish a three person dialogue? Toguether we recognize the events. 

The commission helps victims to assess the gravity of the sexual abuse and of its consequences in victims' lifes. It helps them formulate resquests of recognition and reparation.


Toguether, we're developping a new form of justice, inspired by restorative justice. We want victims to be in the middle of this justice. 

This justice isn't a substitution to criminal and civil justice, it is a complement. 


The reparations are always personalized, global and capped. After agreement of the parties, they are the subject of a memorandum of understanding between the victim and the religious institute in question. 

The CRR is not a signatory of the protocol but controls its implementation.


Personalized because reparations are defined on a case-by-case basis : financial compensation, public or private act of recognition, Memorial Day, search for other victims, writing workshops, research...


Global because the CRR has opted for global compensation for attacks on the integrity and dignity of the victim, whatever their nature, without evaluating item-by-item compensation for damage, as courts do. It takes into account all the repercussions on the personal, professional, family and social life of the victim.


It is capped at 60,000 euros, the highest amount of a compensation scheme already implemented in Western Europe. The impossible task of having to repair irreparable harm will only find a solution if the symbolic prevails over the monetary.


Similarly, the CRR has excluded lump sum compensation, which would be arbitrary and contrary to the aim of recognizing the personal suffering of each individual. The CRR’s mission with the victim will end when the procedures for recognition and fair compensation have been carried out 

Testimony of Natalie, an ex-victim

Talking is good. It permits to put stop those who continue to abuse in secret. 

Ancre 1

The mission' letter adressed to Antoine Garapon 

Gestion des données

Respect for confidentiality by the CRR The commission undertakes to ensure the confidentiality of the identity of the victims and their stories.

It also undertakes to ensure the security of their exchanges and data, in accordance with the French Protection and Freedom of Information Law. Full information is given to victims and congregations on the conditions of processing of their data and on their rights. For any questions, contact Me Isabelle Delage, DPO (data protection officer) of the CRR,

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